PB 2017 / 2018 IS HERE

MS8 In Brooklyn Heights and PS31 in Greenpoint have new computers and smartboards because you voted for them. Dogs in East River State Park have a place to play and the district has 100 new trees because you decided that’s what you wanted. Kids at PS34 have a new playground and all around the area kids can check books out of the BK Voyager Book-Mobile because you thought they needed them.

All of those projects and more happened because you, District 33 residents, came out to vote for them in the district’s Participatory Budgeting process over the last four years. Every year Council Member Levin has turned over part of his discretionary funds to project conceived of, developed by, and then voted on by you, our constituents. PB is Part of the Budget process and it’s underway now. Budget delegates are reviewing all the projects that were submitted and working with City Agencies to determine which projects will end up on the ballot in April. They are reviewing where in the district the project falls and if it's something that the community really needs.

Starting early next year we will start planning the vote sites and outreach. we could use your help in making sure we reach everyone in the district. So if you have any ideas or questions or want to volunteer email Benjamin Solotaire at bsolotaire@council.nyc.gov



Year 1 - PB 2013 Funded Projects

1. District-Wide Tree Planting 
Cost: $100,000
2. MS 8 Technology Funds
Cost: $200,000
3. East River State Park Dog Run
Cost: $450,000
4. PS 31 Technology Funds
Cost: $188,000
5. PS 34 Playground Restoration and Beautification
Cost: $120,000

Year 2 - PB 2014 Funded Projects

1. NYCHA Playground Repairs 
Scheduled for Fall 2017
Cost:  $400,000
2. Gowanus Community Center Renovations and Repairs
Cost:  $475,000
* Council Member’s office and NYCHA working to identify an organization who can operate the community center.
3. McGolrick Park Playground Reconstruction
Status: Under Construction
Cost:  $450,000
4. BK Story Voyager (previously BOOKlyn SHUTTLE) - Book Bus and Education Center 
Cost:  $198,000
5. P.S. 261 Bathroom Renovations
Cost: $175,000

Year 3 - PB 2015 Funded Projects

1.    NYCHA Active Space Renovation
Status: Scoping underway
Cost:  $500,000
Location: Wyckoff Gardens, Berry St, Taylor Wythe Houses
2.    Green Space Landscaping & Beautification at Independence Towers  
Cost:  $300,000
3. Safer Pedestrian Crossings on Meeker Avenue
Status: In Design
Cost:  $300,000
4. PS 38 & MS 447: Bathrooms that Work
Status: Under Construction
Cost:  $280,000
5. PS 110: Install Modern Technology
Cost: $175,000

Year 4 - PB 2016 Funded Projects

1.     STEM Labs at IS 318 and PS34
Status: Scoping
Cost: $500,000
2.    Upgrades with PS261 Computer Carts
Status: Scoping
Cost: $140,000
3.    Make our School Cool! MS 126
Status: Scoping
Cost: $400,000
4.    Community Sound Studio
Status: On hold pending contract status
Cost: $100,000
5.    Make McGolrick Park Safer
Status: Planned Construction for 2018/2019
Cost: $500,000

Year 5 - PB 2017 Funded Projects

1.     Technology Upgrade for Two Special Needs Schools, PS231 and PS 369
Status: 2017 funded project
Cost: $250,000
Location: Downtown and Bushwick
2.     STEAM Lab for Samuel Dupont Elementary School, PS 31
Status: 2017 funded project
Cost: $218,000
Location: Greenpoint
3.     New Electrical in Classrooms for AC, PS 110 Monitor School
Status: 2017 funded project
Cost: $175,000
Location: Greenpoint
4.     New Lockers for 13 Classrooms, Robert Fulton School, MS 8
Status: 2017 funded project
Cost: $115,000
Location: Downtown
5.     Real Time Bus Clocks
Status: 2017 funded project
Cost: $300,000
Location: 12 clocks through-out the district
6.     Repair Toddler Playground at Independence Towers
Status: 2017 funded project
Cost: $500,000
Location: Williamsburg




New Exterior Sign, Williamsburgh Library
A new stainless steel sign with update-able hours of service and messages to promote library initiatives.

Williamsburg Library, 240 Division Ave, W’burg

New Seating in School Auditorium, Juan Morel Campos
Replace over 600 47-yr old seats in auditorium used by 4 public schools and neighborhood groups.

I.S.71, 215 Heyward St, Williamsburg

New Lockers for 13 Classrooms, Robert Fulton Sch.
M.S. 8 has no lockers for students. New lockers would give students a place to put their textbooks and belongings.

M.S. 8, 105 Johnson St, Downtown Brooklyn

Technology Upgrade for Two Special Needs Schools
Help 165 students on the Autism Spectrum who rely on technology get new laptops to improve their learning experience.

P.S. 231 & P.S. 369, Bed Stuy & Downtown

Upgrade Electrical for AC, Monitor School
Provide upgraded wiring in classrooms for AC units purchased by the school. Cooler classrooms helps students learn.

P.S. 110, 124 Monitor St, Greenpoint

STEAM Lab for Samuel Dupont Elementary School
Pre-K - 5th classrooms will be outfitted with new STEAM Labs for teaching and learning. Prepare students for the future.

P.S. 31, 75 Meserole Ave, Greenpoint

STEM Lab for John Wayne Elementary School
Construction of a STEM lab will allow over 800 students access to new technology. This will prepare them for success.

P.S. 380, 370 Marcy Ave, Williamsburg

Repair Toddler Playground at Independence Towers
Install new safety surface and replace broken equipment for needed toddler playground.

130 Clymer, Independence Towers, Williamsburg

Water Source and Paving at McGolrick Park
Install water sources for irrigation of plants and grasses and complete the repaving of the sidewalks and paths.

McGolrick Park, Greenpoint

Safety Lighting at Middleton Playground
For the benefit and security of the neighborhood, increased lighting is needed for this popular playground.

Middleton Playground, South Williamsburg

Picnic Grove in McCarren Park
Provide a tranquil, comfortable outdoor setting for neighborhood residents to enjoy.

McCarren Park, Greenpoint

Traffic Calming Measures at Atlantic & 3rd Avenues
Implement traffic calming measures to protect pedestrian and cyclist safety in support of an existing “Slow Zone."

Atlantic Avenue and 3rd Avenue, Boerum Hill

Pedestrian Safety, Williamsburg
Continue to improve safety at Meeker & Metropolitan Aves. that will shorten crossing times and encourage lower speeds.

Meeker & Metropolitan Avenues, North Williamsburg

Repair Broken Sidewalks at Independence Towers
Repair broken sidewalks outside of Independence Towers Community Center. Make walking home safe for all.

Taylor St, between Bedford & Wythe Streets

Real Time Bus Clocks
Electronic signs that provide live, up-to-date arrival times at 12 stops along the B62/B32 bus routes.