1st Sergeant Bobby Mendez Way

Family, friends, and community members convened at South 10th Street and Bedford Avenue to honor 1st Sergeant Bobby Mendez. Bobby was killed by an IED blast on his son’s birthday, April 27, 2006 . Ten years later to the day, family and friends gathered around to celebrate co-naming South 10th Street as 1st Sergeant Bobby Mendez Way. His wife, Jennifer Mendez, wanted a permanent reminder of the sacrifice he made to be placed just outside the building where Bobby grew up. Jennifer had written previously: “Before we got married, I moved in with his mother and brother on South 10th. It was there where I learned what community meant. Bobby was extremely proud of this sense of community.” Though it is a small gesture on our part, I hope we can all look up and remember Bobby’s service to our country, and his love for the place he called home.