Tenants gain new tool against landlord harassment

NYC Council passes bill creating a Real Time Enforcement Unit

The Stand for Tenant Safety (STS) coalition is made up of grassroots tenant organizing groups

The Stand for Tenant Safety (STS) coalition is made up of grassroots tenant organizing groups

NEW YORK, NY — Today, the New York City Council passed a the final bill in a package of tenant protections. Int. 0934-A would create a “Real Time Enforcement Unit” within the Department of Buildings. This unit will track, monitor, and swiftly respond to work without a permit that endangers and threatens residents in their own homes. The Real Time Enforcement Unit will be a valuable tool for tenants in the fight against relentless harassment and negligence. Int. 934-A is the final piece of the Stand for Tenant Safety legislative package, made possible by a dedicated coalition of grassroot tenant organizations, community based nonprofits, and other members of the Progressive Caucus. 

“Far too many try to bypass, bend, and break the law in pursuit of profit,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “We cannot and will not allow unscrupulous landlords to take advantage of our community. The STS package of bills goes to lengths to provide tenants the protections they deserve. Now with the passage of 934, which establishes a real-time enforcement unit, we are putting bad landlords on notice. This specially created unit will greatly increase the protections available to tenants facing harassment. We want to let tenants facing harassment and displacement know that they are not alone in this fight – through this coalition, we are a more engaged, compassionate, and just city.  I’m proud to continue advancing the work of the Stand for Safety Coalition, and I look forward to real progress for New Yorkers everywhere.”

About the STS coalition:

“The Stand for Tenant Safety (STS) legislation is a part of the Progressive Caucus’ ADVANCEMENT policy platform. Championed by Progressive Caucus Members and tenants and advocates in the Stand for Tenant Safety (STS) Coalition, this bill, along with the 11 others previously passed in August, will be moved to passage to strengthen the ability of the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) to protect tenants in regards to construction harassment.” - NYC Progressive Caucus