Keep it Clean! Rally to Protect Our Water

Join Council Member Stephen Levin, community stakeholders, and environmental advocates for a rally in support of a bill to ban the use or discharge of natural gas and oil waste in our city—including from hydraulic fracturing. 

This crucial legislation has three key elements and would:
•    Prohibit the discharge of any oil or natural gas waste to any surface water bodies located within the City or to any wastewater treatment plant located within the City.
•    Ban the application of any oil or natural gas waste upon any road, real property or landfill located within the City.
•    Require all City bids or contracts for the construction or maintenance of a City road to include a provision stating that no materials containing or manufactured from oil or natural gas waste shall be utilized in providing the service. 

The Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Sanitation are responsible for enforcement and penalties for violation range from $2,500 and $25,000. 

The first bill of its kind in the nation,  Intro 446-A is sponsored by Council Member Stephen Levin and has 32 co-sponsors. The City Council will vote on the bill at the 1:30 PM Stated Meeting.