Council Member Levin Applauds Mayor de Blasio's Action on Bushwick Inlet Park

The Williamsburg and Greenpoint communities are beyond overjoyed that the de Blasio administration has taken the historic step of allocating $100,000,000 for the acquisition of the CitiStorage parcels to complete the Bushwick Inlet Park that was promised to us over 11 years ago.  Mayor de Blasio and his administration listened to the community, and their commitment in this budget allocation is proof that they see the vital importance of keeping the City’s word once given. 

This decision will have an impact for generations to come, not only through expanding much needed public space, but also by setting a precedent for future administrations and their commitments made to the public.  New Yorkers can look to this fair offer as evidence that, under the de Blasio administration, when the City makes an obligation to infrastructure improvements as part of the land use process — as it committed to Bushwick Inlet Park as part of the 2005 Williamsburg-Greenpoint Rezoning — the City keeps that promise. 

I also want to thank and acknowledge the countless community residents that have advocated for this for over ten years.

I believe that the owners of the CitiStorage parcel should accept this very generous and fair offer by the City, so that we can get started on building out this glorious park that will be enjoyed for generations to come.