Statement Regarding 141 Willoughby

Good morning Chair Richards, members of the subcommittee, and to my constituents in attendance. Today, we are here to determine next steps on the 141 Willoughby application. I have discussed this project in depth with Downtown Brooklyn residents and community stakeholders, and appreciate that over 400 people contacted our office to share their opinions about this project. 

I would also like to thank Community Board 2, Borough President Eric Adams, and the City Planning Commission for their work on this matter. I would like to extend my gratitude to Speaker Mark-Viverito, the Council land use division: Raju Mann, Dylan Casey, and Brian Paul—as well as my staff: Legislative Director Julie Bero, Constituent Liaison Glomani Bravo-Lopez, Chief of Staff Jonathan Boucher, and Communications Director Ed Paulino—all of whom have spent many hours on this application. Additionally, I appreciate the ongoing discussions I have had with the Economic Development Corporation and with the team at Savana, including Ed Wallace and Jay Segal. They have all engaged thoughtfully on how to address community needs and concerns. 

Taking into consideration all of the issues and concerns raised by the community, we will modify the application to decrease the allowable density from 18 to 15 FAR, comprised of 9 FAR residential and 6 FAR commercial. 

This modification accomplishes multiple policy goals: decreasing the impact of new residential units on existing infrastructure, adding new affordable units through Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, and increasing the amount of much-needed office space in Downtown Brooklyn. I welcome similar proposals for mixed-use developments that will continue to build the neighborhood as a technological and business hub, aligning the downtown with the needs of the 21st century.